Birch offers support to the unsupported.  When a person is feeling attacked or unsupported in life, this oil offers courage to move forward alone.  It helps individuals ground within their own center to find their source of inner support and strength.  Learning to be flexible is important but so is gaining a strong backbone.  Birch offers support to the weak-willed to stand tall and firm in what they believe, especially in situations where one is at risk of being rejected if they choose a different way.  Birch lends its spirit of endurance to help individuals face trials of adversity, so they may weather storms with the strength and conviction of a tree.

Birch also encourages individuals to accept support when it is offered.  Often, when individuals have carried their burdens alone, they don’t know how to receive assistance.  Birch counsels individuals to not become the reason they are unsupported, by blocking those who would lend their support.  It reminds that it sometimes requires more strength to accept help than to go it alone.

Birch teaches those in need to trust that even if they are abandoned by all others, the Divine will always be there.  It also reinforces there is more to life than pain, and with the right support and the right grounding, one can be held up and sustained through hardship.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Unsupported, alienated, fearful, weak-willed, overly flexible, rejecting help

POSITIVE PROPERTIES: Supported, firm, resolute, strengthened, grounded, connected, receiving

COMPANION OILS: Cedarwood, White Fir, Coriander


Aromatic: Inhale from bottle or diffuse

Topical: Apply 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply along spine, over lower back, or on bottom of feet.

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