Dill supports individuals in learning new things, thinking rationally, and integrating different thoughts into coherent ideas.

This oil is especially helpful for those who feel despondent, bored, or disinterested in the learning process.  It supports those who have a difficult time engaging, especially in the classroom.  Dill is helpful for those individuals who may feel overwhelmed by too many ideas or by too much stimulus in their environment.  Dill can assist individuals to digest and integrate all this information.  It supports the left and right brain in working together harmoniously.  It can also assist individuals in overcoming mental sluggishness by encouraging awake, alert involvement.

Dill encourages individuals to embrace the many facets of life by engaging in the learning process.  It challenges individuals to become self-motivated learners and to find excitement for discovering new things.  It assists individuals in assimilating different thoughts and ideas.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Bored, disinterested, disengaged, overstimulated

POSITIVE PROPERTIES: Engaged, motivated, integration, mental clarity

COMPANION OILS:  Rosemary, Lemon, Digest Support


Aromatic: Inhale from bottle, diffuse, or place drops in hand, rub, and inhale

Topical:  Apply 1-3 drops on nape of neck or over solar plexus (upper stomach).

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