The strong medicinal aroma of Eucalyptus demonstrates its powerful effect upon the physical and emotional bodies.  Eucalyptus oil supports the soul who is constantly facing illness.  They may get well for times and seasons, only to return to a common cold, allergies, or congestion in the sinuses and respiratory system.

Eucalyptus addresses a deep emotional or spiritual issue of the need to be sick.  It reveals patterns of thinking that continually create poor health.  These beliefs may includes thoughts such as “I don’t deserve to be well,” “I am the sort of person that is always getting sick,” or “The only way I can get a break is to get sick.”  Eucalyptus gives individuals courage to face these issues and beliefs.  It encourages them to let go of their attachments to illness.

Eucalyptus encourages individuals to take full responsibility for their own health.  It bestows trust that one’s needs and desires can be met, even if they allow themselves to be well.  Eucalyptus teaches how to claim wholeness and heal.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Attached to illness, clingy, defeated, despairing, desire to escape life or responsibilities, imprisoned, powerless to heal.

POSITIVE PROPERTIES:  Able to heal, well, liberated, responsible, encouraged

COMPANION OILS:  Breathe Air, Fennel, Lime, Patchouli


Aromatic: Inhale from bottle or diffuse.

Topical:  Dilutes 2-4 drops with carrier oil and apply over lungs, chest, or throat

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