Fennel supports the individual who has a weakened sense of self.  The individual may feel defeated by life’s responsibilities, having little or no desire to improve their situation.  Fennel reignites a passion for life. It encourages the soul to take full ownership and responsibility for its choices.  Fennel teaches that life is not too much or too big to handle.

Fennel encourages individuals to live in integrity with themselves, despite the judgments of others.  When they have been paralyzed by fear and shame, this oil gets them moving again.  Fennel establishes a strong connection to the body and the self when there has been weakness or separation.

Fennel also supports an individual in listening to the subtle messages of the body.  This is especially important in situations where there has been a loss of connection to the body’s natural signals due to emotional eating, sever dieting, eating issues, or drug abuse.  Through attunement with the body’s actual needs, Fennel curbs cravings for experiences that dull the senses.  This oil then supports the individual in hearing the body’s signals of hunger, thirst, satiation, or exhaustion.  Fennel is also supportive in regaining one’s appetite for nourishment, food, and life itself.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Lack of desire, unwilling to take responsibility, shameful, weak sense, numb to body

POSITIVE PROPERTIES:  Able to heal, well, liberated, responsible, encouraged

COMPANION OILS:  Breathe Air, Fennel, Lime, Patchouli


Aromatic: Inhale from bottle or diffuse.

Topical:  Dilutes 2-4 drops with carrier oil and apply over lungs, chest, or throat

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