Lemon Myrtle is a bright, fresh, and uplifting aroma.  It’s extremely effective in cutting through the prevalent modern states of mental fogginess, dull senses, and living on autopilot.  The natural of the modern lifestyle leads to over-stimulation through the constant barrage of new information and experiences.  Often individuals react by mentally shutting down or getting lost in circling and unproductive thoughts.  Lemon Myrtle can help calm and redirect erratic thoughts and invigorate the mind.

Lemon Myrtle assists individuals in releasing accumulated toxicity acquired through unconscious absorption of negative group thought or lower energetic vibrations.  If an individual begins to exhibit sings that they are not thinking clearly and dispel negative influences and unwelcome intrusions.  It is a powerful cleanser which brings a sense of relief and the freedom for individuals to think for themselves again.

Lemon Myrtle promotes positive, clear thinking.  It also helps with clarifying an individual’s own mind and will.  It provides a powerful lift that revitalizes the energy system enabling one to intentionally choose the vibrational energy to which they attune.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Mental Fog, dulled senses, over stimulated, erratic, compulsive, absorbing, negative energy, easily influenced, emotionally toxic, confused.

POSITIVE PROPERTIES:  Clarity, intentional, calm, rational, mentally invigorated, free and clear

COMPANION OILS:  Tea Tree, Lemon, Lemongrass, Pura


Aromatic:  Inhale from bottle or diffuse.

Topical:  Dilute 1 drop with carrier oil and apply on bottom of feet.

Environmental:  Add several drops into spray bottle and mist around home.

NOTE: Dilute and/or use caution when applying topically.    

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