Get Certified to practice Reflexology!!!

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Reflexology is a bodywork technique based on the theories that there are specific reflex points located in the feet and hands that correlate to specific organ/body systems. Certification will include: Overview of the history of Reflexology; Basic theories and techniques of Reflexology; Relaxation techniques specific reflex points; Practical applications and indications; Brief review of anatomy and physiology with emphasis on specific body system applications; Scope of practice; Infection prevention processes for Reflexology practice.


  1. Define Reflexology
  2. Learn foot Reflexology map
  3. Discuss the history of Reflexology – Foot & Hand
  4. List Indications and Contraindications for Reflexology – Foot & Hand
  5. Discuss disinfection practices for Reflexology Practice
  6. Perform Full Therapeutic Foot Reflexology


ATTENDANCE:  Must attend 80% of total hours –8 hours may be missed. The student is responsible for obtaining class information from another learner/individual in the class. First and Last Class must be attended. Class meets from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

OUTSIDE ASSIGNMENTS/HOMEWORK: Homework must be completed on the appropriate due date. Homework must be typed double-spaced with student name and assignment name on the upper right-hand corner. Each page must have the student name in the upper right-hand corner. Submit homework with a staple in the upper left-hand corner. No folders or paper clips. Homework not submitted in this format will be refused. All homework must be turned in prior to the exam date or the exam will not be permitted to be taken.


Successfully complete 20 Case Studies in the format stated above – Content Requirements will be given out in first class.


At least 80% on the final written exam – Multiple Choice and Essay

At least 80% on the final practical exam – Full Reflexology Session to be performed and evaluated /observed by the instructor

CLASS PRACTICUMS: Participation in class practicum is required to indicate learner can demonstrate reflexology techniques and has met learning outcomes.

ASSESSMENT METHOD: Successfully meeting learning outcomes / Review of Case Study Homework / Exam.

SCORING SCALE: Exams – Learner must earn an 80% or above to successfully pass the class exam.

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