What is the History of Ear Candling?

The art of ear candling dates back for centuries, to the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Aztec, Mayan and American Indian cultures. Cherokee, Mexican Indian and European healers interested in reviving the lost traditions still practice candling. German medical students are taught candling as a part of their medical practice.  The culture of India gives its own special brand of ear care with men who publicly walk the streets offering to clean your ears with long instruments carried in their hats
which they will whip out and use to clean your ears for a penny (they produce some amazing results). I have also heard that the Egyptians had a form of candling and worked with frequency medicine. Ear cleaning has been practiced for at least five thousand years by many cultures and is considered as necessary a part of personal hygiene as is tooth and gum brushing.

How Does The Process Work?

Let it be known we are cleaning the eustachian tubes. As the beeswax candle/cone burns, the burnt beeswax forms a slightly tacky powdery smoke. As you look into the top of the burning candle, you can see the smoke spirals down in the candle. As the smoke is pushed into the tube, the sticky particles adhere to toxins and incoming smoke causes them to return to the cone to be collected, as the blocked tube is in itself a closed channel. This is why paraffin cones (which are oil based and mildly carcinogenic), lack significant effectiveness – they do not smoke. The heat from the paraffin cones does however stimulate the acupressure points, which is a good thing.

The eustachian tube is one of the drains of the lymphatic which has the daily job of cleaning your blood. It releases the toxins it accumulates through the surface of the skin, the elimination tract and through the eustachian tubes. These tubes are quite small and eventually become blocked, due to the large amounts of inorganic substances which our bodies incur. Examples would be: prescription drugs, chemicals in our foods, plastics etc. and toxic substances in our water and air.

Most people assume that when their ears feel blocked or stuffy, it is an ear wax problem and about 1 in 20 times, this is true. Candling can remove ear wax.  Wax is usually not the problem though and replaces itself within 24 hours. What tends to give people the most problem, is what I refer to as eustachian ash or the residue from the lymphatic system which frequently blocks the tubes. The ash, which when removed from the cones can range from light ivory color to orange swirls with bits that look like brown crystals or small brown broken bits of beer bottle glass.

You guessed it, the brown crystals are the most toxic and are actually irritating the inside of the eustachian tube. People with this condition tend to experience tension in their neck and shoulders and sometimes in their jaws. When these crystals and toxic powder are released, relaxation and sinus relief is the result. As the body is allergic to many toxins found in the tube, sinus problems frequently are resolved as sinus congestion can be a reaction to the toxins.

Here we work with an understanding of frequency medicine and have our cones manufactured to our specifications. We use rose oil, which is the highest frequency known, and premium beeswax to make our cones. These high frequency cones cause the body to release toxins at a higher rate than paraffin or standard beeswax cones. Coning/candling puts us into an alpha state and is very relaxing. This very gentle and non-invasive process leaves participants with a sweetly stoned or just awakened look.

What Can I Expect During and After the Session?

If you have excessive hearing loss, you might be more aware of the candle heat than an average hearing person as your feeling senses are more developed than a regular hearing person. Since we leave 4 to 6 inches of candle left unburned, you have nothing to fear from the heat or flame.
Most people are aware of some crackling and popping as the candle is burned and the ear wax is being pulled out. Relax and enjoy the soothing influence of the experience. After the session you may feel lightness in your head and noises may appear to be louder. While you adjust to your new level of hearing, you might want to put some organic cotton in your ears with a little ear oil or olive oil to soothe the ear canal. If you feel itching in the ears, you might want to use the oil or some hydrogen peroxide for a day or two after the session. The itching will stop.

You might find your sinuses are draining and sinus headaches may decrease. This decrease occurs as the sinus cavities are soothed and plates of the skull return to a natural position. Sinus headaches are often caused by a misalignment of the cranial bones. These cranial plates can become misaligned for a variety reasons including: birth trauma; colds; toxins in the environment; and allergic reactions to the foods we eat, the clothing we wear, and the paraphernalia we use (e.g telephones). This is aided by the heat stimulating the acupressure points in your ears.

Many people experience an improvement in hearing and a wider perception of tones. However, if you have a hearing loss due to bone loss or nerve damage, you may notice no improvement in your hearing though you may notice an improvement in some other area.

What Will Come Out Of My Eustachian Tubes?

Most people think that all they have in their ears is ear wax. However, most difficulties are due to substances other than wax. If you have a history of prescription drugs and/or poor diet, you will have large amounts of a powdery substance emerge. I call it eustachian ash. If you’re a farmer, what comes out of your ears may wiggle (worms), for a plasterer, old plaster dust and so on. What comes out of your ears is determined by your external and internal environment.

If you burn a candle outside of the ear, you will notice that the candle will produce powder and wax. The powder is similar in color to the powder in a healthy ear. The more toxic ear powder is orange, frequently with crystals. Because of their high toxicity, the orange powder and crystals must be disposed of safely. When I cone, what I’m after is the powder. The more toxic a person is, the more orange the powder. People suffering from Candida frequently exhibit this orange powder with dark swirls in it.

How Frequently Should I Have Coning Done?

For health, we suggest 3 candling, 3 to 7 days apart. It is suggested you cone in groups of three until you feel complete. Once you have established a healthy relationship with your ears, it is appropriate to clean or have them cleaned 2 or 3 times a year. The Egyptians candled 11 times in a row, not more than a week apart to hear God. It all depends upon what you’re after. After the tubes are open, you will know, for you can feel smoke at your collar bone, I suggest you candle as frequently as the change of every season.


Coconutz Health does not assume any liability for the candling process. The information given should not be construed as either a prescription or diagnosis of any ailment. The diagnosis of illness should be made by a licensed physician. If you have a serious ear disease or an upper respiratory infection and are considering this technique, please consult your physician before you begin this treatment. No claim is made for the cure of any disease or ailment.

Don’t candle anyone who has had a perforated eardrum, unless you have their permission first. It is possible they could experience pain. In most cases, they will not and they can. If they experienced pain, it is simply a sensitive area. Remember, you have only the gentle movement of smoke. No damage was done. If someone has had candida or taken a lot of prescription drugs, leave 5 inches of unburned cone. This allows you to avoid the possibility of igniting the powder in their ears and causing pain.


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